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Permanent Lighting Dallas

Permanent Lighting Company near Sachse TX

Carruthers Decorative Lighting installs permanent lighting in Sachse, Texas, and beyond. We are the premier lighting company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, offering comprehensive lighting solutions for homes, businesses, and municipalities.

If you're looking for a reliable permanent lighting company for your residential, commercial, or municipal property near Sachse, TX, you're in the right place! Our permanent lighting installation services are all-inclusive, consisting of lighting design and installation, as well as lighting maintenance and repair. We will work with you to create a design map that will add security, ambiance, and charm to your property. Utilize our free mobile app to control your permanent lights and other app-based lighting products such as landscape lights, outdoor sconces, holiday lighting displays, and more.

Contact us today to discuss your permanent lighting installation near Sachse, Texas, and nearby areas. We look forward to hearing from you for all of your lighting needs. It will be our pleasure to make your home or business shine brightly all year.

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Residential and Commercial Permanent Lighting Installation near Sachse TX

There are many different permanent lighting solutions available in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But which one is right for you? Carruthers Decorative Lighting will work with you to identify your preferences for brands, design styles, and permanent lighting system features.

As part of The Decor Group, we have access to commercial-grade lighting solutions for application on any property type, and we are only a few miles from the distribution center, so there is never a problem with supply. PermaLites 365 is one of our most sought-after lighting solutions read more about the PermaLites Permanent Lighting System below.

PermaLites 365 - The Ultimate App-Based Permanent Lighting Solution - Sachse, TX

We install permanent lights in Sachse, TX, and beyond. Residential, commercial, and municipal permanent lighting installation services are available. Outdoor lighting is our passion!

Carruthers Decorative Lighting is the premier permanent lighting company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We design and install stunning PermaLites 365 permanent lighting systems that offer app-based technology to control your lighting elements, a range of light and motion effects, and a nearly infinite combination of color choices for your own customized permanent light display. You can even use our mobile lighting app to control other enabled lighting components on your property! Request a free lighting design quote today, and let us brighten up your outdoor space.

PermaLites 365
Permanent Lighting System
Residential Brochure

Click on the image to view the PermaLites 365 Residential Brochure.

PermaLites 365 Residential Permanent Lighting Brochure

PermaLites 365
Permanent Lighting System
Commercial Brochure

Click on the image to view the PermaLites 365 Commercial Brochure.

PermaLites 365 Commercial Permanent Lighting Brochure

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